Thursday, 22 November 2012

Week 1 - Creating our Studio:

Image taken by Rosie Spurdens

Photo taken by Tom Joslin

- We went to Brick Lane with our cameras and a backdrop and began trying to stop the public to capture their photographs for a mini project we was set. Some of the group used backdrops, but others preferred the natural walls.

Images by Emma Pateman

Images taken by Fernanda Previato

Images taken by Antje Maroussi

For more Brick Lane photographs please visit the 'Mini Projects' page.

Week 5 - Candid Portraits (Mini Project 3):

 - We visited the V&A museum to capture the public observing objects. Trying to catch their expressions towards what they are viewing.

Images taken by Antje Maroussi
Images by Mimi Farrer
Images by Rosie Spurdens

For more images on the 'Observing' project please visit the 'Mini Projects' page.

Week 6:
- We went on a Field Trip with Spencer around local areas of London and for a walk up Brick Lane taking images with an analog camera of what caught our eye and what could help us with our project. We also visited the Universities Gallery.

Week 7:
- We was introduced to the darkroom and photography department in Central House where we developed our black and white film and produced our contact sheets.

Week 8:
- We used the darkroom to produce some of our favourite images we chose from our contact sheet.

Week 9 - Visit to the Printing Space:

Image taken by Antje Maroussi
Week 10 - Studio Exhibition:

Photo by Rebekah Bainbridge